I use MarvinCAD for AutoCAD LT and would like to update AutoCAD LT to the current version.

As of 2018, Marvin/MarvinCAD is only available with a full AutoCAD version!

This means that you may upgrade your AutoCAD LT to version 2018 at the most, so that you can continue to work with MarvinCAD. If you have an AutoCAD LT subscription, we would like to point out that a downgrade to 2018 will probably not be possible indefinitely. Please keep this in mind when renewing your subscription!

Our tip: Since 2018 we offer our customers the change to our new successor programme MarvinCAD|complete. "MarvinCAD|complete" is a combination of software supported by "Autodesk AutoCAD OEM" and our proven software "MarvinCAD". As a complete solution, it is a simple and clear programme in which every user can draw, dimension, print and carry out CAD imports. An additional CAD programme is not necessary!

For MarvinCAD users, the changeover is child's play, as virtually nothing changes in the application .

Your advantages:

  • Drawing, dimensioning, printing and CAD import (AutoCAD DWG2018 ) in one programme.
  • Previous files can still be used.
  • The previous postprocessor can still be used.
  • One-off purchase price - no more rental payments.
  • Updates at your own discretion.

You can find more product information here

Last update on 25.10.2021 by Florian Stallmann.

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