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Three expansion levels

NC-Studio® Standard

Basic package of our CAM software - comfortable, powerful scope. Adaptable to any new or used machine available on the market!

NC-Studio® Advanced

2nd expansion stage of our CAM software - with further powerful functions. E.g. machining lists, integrated macro editor.

NC-Studio® Professional

3rd expansion stage of our CAM software - for demanding users. (Control of lasers, integrated barcode scanner operation, integrated debugger, ...)

NC-Studio® overview

NC-Studio® general

With NC-Studio® ...

  • automate, accelerate and simplify your work preparation.
  • see you immediately what you have programmed.
  • simulate the machining process.
  • minimize or avoid programming errors.

NC-Studio® is ...

  • a uniform programming solution for machine parks with different machines
  • a flexible optimization system for advanced nesting solutions
  • a programming system for machine lines
  • a programming system for special machines (Koch, Schwabedissen, Homag, ...)
  • a programming system for completely integrated productions
  • a programming system for the most complicated drilling optimizations
  • a modern programming system for "old" machines (Morbidelli with Tria, SCM Record x, ...)

NC-Studio® changes with the requirements:

The extensive macro packages, e.g. for door and window production, are individually adapted to all customer requirements.
Your advantage: You have the possibility to create your own macros directly in NC-Studio® in a very short time.
Already during programming, NC-Studio® offers excellent control and test possibilities due to its graphical representation of the plate and the simulation of the machining.

NC-Studio® 9 - Improvements and new functions

With version 9 you can now use NC-Studio® as an attractive converter and / or programming system.

Tool lists and machining lists have been revised and improved for even easier and more structured work (e.g. for window production).

NEW: With corresponding macro packages NC-Studio® can now read in and convert various file formats:

  • MPR/MPRX (e.g. from woodWOP)
  • IFC-Format (e.g. from ArCon®)
  • CIX (e.g. from bSolid)
  • XXL (e.g. from Xilog Plus)
  • PGM (e.g. from TRIA files)
  • PGMX (e.g. from Maestro)
  • BTL (e.g. from cadwork)

Overview NC-Studio® 9

NC-Studio® Standard (for all)

List of tools:

  • better representation
  • simplified input


Advanced expansion level

Processing lists:

  • better presentation / graphics
  • better structure
  • credentials
  • Alias ​​lists (duplicate)
  • Take over tool feeds from tools (e.g. for longitudinal, cross and round machining)
  • Sublists (e.g. combine H90_FZ + H90_FA)
  • Depth and oversize input of tool center and tool holder reference
  • Dialogues individually adaptable
  • Zoom and move in profile view and profile preview

Tool properties dialog:

  • Feed input for longitudinal, cross and round machining
  • Tool geometry dialog improved
  • new layout


Professional expansion stage


  • better presentation
  • more possibilities
Open for new requirements due to extensive macro packages

Extensive macro packages can be conveniently modified and extended from version "Advanced". The user can create his own macros directly in NC-Studio® in no time.

Convincing technical highlights
  • Touchscreen operation (new as of version 8)
  • diverse process optimization (drilling optimization, tool change minimization, structuring via priorities)
  • Integrated macro editor with graphic display already during programming (from expansion level Advanced)
  • idividual and structured variable lists
  • flexible processing lists (from expansion level Advanced)
  • integrated CAD system
  • easy access to variables
  • Tool list with clear tool graphics
Excellent control options with NC-Studio® TV (TrueView)

Even during programming, NC-Studio® offers excellent control and test options thanks to its graphic representation of the plate and the simulation of the machining.

Special extensions
  • NC-StudioTV (TrueView / 3D removal simulation),
  • Nesting
  • Window / door manufacturing
  • BTL import
  • WEB application.

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NC-Studio® 9 Improved features for users of all expansion levels (video)

NC-Studio® Expansion

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NC-Studio® Windows/Doors

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